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Counselor's News Letter

School Counselor’s Letter~ October 1, 2020                                            halloween graphic

Parents and Students:

click here for: *Halloween Safey Tips*

Keota Pre-K through 12th grades are learning on campus. I would like to share some talking points on how to communicate information about COVID-19 to students.

  • Stay calm and reassuring in your conversation. Remember children hear more than you think.
  • Ask what they know or may have heard.
  • Keep them updated with facts. Beh honest.
  • Be available and allow them to express their feelings.
  • Validate their feelings.
  • Limiting media exposure.
  • Clarify misunderstandings.

 Remember, children often lack the ability to express themselves through words. Listed below are some common reactions to stress and anxiety.

  • Fear of being alone, clingy.
  • changes in speech, physical aches or pains.
  • increased temper tantrums/irrability or being withdrawn.
  • change in appetite.
  • nightmares/sleep disturbance.
  • competing for attention.
  • forgetfulness.

As adults we can help by:

  • being patient and tolerant.
  • provide reassurance and admitting we do not have all the answers.
  • encourage expression through playing.
  • allow for short-term changes in sleep arrangements.
  • model self-care and maintain regular family routines.
  • encourage regular exercise and engage in educational activities.

Please, do not hestiate to reach out for assistance. 

My contact information is:


School phone-918-966-3246 ext 226

Social Media- on Facebook I have a page named  “Counselor’s Corner at Keota Schools”, please follow me!

I can help with the following:

Counseling:  Individual, Group, Academic, and Career. (Virtual counseling can be scheduled contact the building principal or myself.)

 Alternative Education

12th grade Life Skills Class

ACT, PreACT/State Testing

Oklahoma’s Promise

Concurrent Enrollment